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Water and Life The Unique Properties of H2O edited by Lynden-Bell, Morris, Barrow, Finney and Harper Jr.

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Water and Life The Unique Properties of H2O edited by Lynden-Bell, Morris, Barrow, Finney and Harper Jr.

Mensaje  Manfenix el Mar Ene 24, 2012 6:25 pm

Table of Contents
ParT I This Strange Substance Called “Water”
Chapter 1. Is Water an Amniotic Eden or a Corrosive Hell? Emerging Perspectives on the Strangest Fluid in the Universe
Simon Conway Morris and Ard A. Louis
Chapter 2. Water and Life: Friend or Foe?
Felix Franks
Chapter 3. An Introduction to the Properties of Water: Which Might Be Critical to Biological Processes?
John L. Finney
Chapter 4. Water as a Biomolecule
Philip Ball
Chapter 5. Water’s Hydrogen Bond Strength
Martin F. Chaplin
ParT II The Specific Properties of Water—How and Why Water Is Eccentric
Chapter 6. Properties of Liquids Made from Modified Water Models
Ruth M. Lynden-Bell and Pablo G. Debenedetti
Chapter 7. Understanding the Unusual Properties of Water
Giancarlo Franzese and H. Eugene Stanley
Chapter 8. Counterfactual Quantum Chemistry of Water
Wesley D. Allen and Henry F. Schaefer, III
Chapter 9. Properties of Nanoconfined Water
Branka M. Ladanyi
Part III Water in Biochemistry
Chapter 10. Water: Constraining Biological Chemistry and the Origin of Life
Steven A. Benner
Chapter 11. Fine-Tuning and Small Differences between Large Numbers
John L. Finney
Chapter 12. Fine-Tuning Protein Stability
Carlos Warnick Pace, Abbas Razvi, and J. Martin Scholtz
Chapter 13. Water and Information
Thomas C. B. McLeish
Chapter 14. Counterfactual Biomolecular Physics: Protein Folding and Molecular Recognition in Water and Other Fluid Environments
Peter G. Wolynes
Part IV Water, the Solar System, and the Origin of Life
Chapter 15. Sources of Terrestrial and Martian Water
Humberto Campins and Michael J. Drake
Chapter 16. Water: The Tough-Love Parent of Life
Veronica Vaida and Adrian F. Tuck
Chapter 17. What Is the Diversity of Life in the Cosmos?
Peter D. Ward
Chapter 18. The Primordial Bubble: Water, Symmetry-Breaking, and the Origin of Life
Louis Lerman
Chapter 19. Liquids, Biopolymers, and Evolvability: Case Studies in Counterfactual Water- Life
Wilson C. K. Poon
Part V The Human Dimension
Chapter 20. Some Early Responses to the Special Properties of Water
Colin A. Russell
Chapter 21. Lawrence Henderson’s Natural Teleology
Bruce H. Weber
Chapter 22. Water: A Navigable Channel from Science to God?
Alister E. McGrath

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