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Steam Tracer Lines and Traps by Scott Jenkins, Department Editor - Chemical Engineering

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Steam Tracer Lines and Traps by Scott Jenkins, Department Editor - Chemical Engineering

Mensaje  Manfenix el Vie Abr 15, 2011 9:47 am

Steam tracer lines are designed to maintain the fluid in a primary pipe at a designated uniform temperature. In most cases, these tracer lines are used outdoors, which makes ambient weather conditions a critical consideration.
The primary purpose of steam traps on tracer lines is to retain the steam until its latent heat is fully utilized, and then discharge the condensate and non-condensable gases. As is true with any piece of heat transfer equipment, each tracer line should have its own trap. Even though multiple tracer lines may be installed on the same primary fluid line, unit trapping is required to prevent short-circuiting.
In selecting and sizing steam traps, it is important to consider their compatibility with the objectives of the system, as traps must accomplish the following:
1. Conserve energy by operating reliably over a long time period
2. Provide abrupt periodic discharge in order to purge the condensate and air from the line
3. Operate under light load conditions
4. Resist damage from freezing if the steam is shut off The cost of steam makes wasteful tracer lines an exorbitant overhead that no industry can afford.

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