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Newnes - Engineering Science - Pocket Book, 3ed. ♦ John Bird

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Newnes - Engineering Science - Pocket Book, 3ed. ♦ John Bird

Mensaje  Manfenix el Sáb Mayo 11, 2013 1:05 am

Table of Contents
Part One: General Engineering Science
1 SI units
2 Density
3 Scalar and vector quantities
4 Atomic structure of matter
5 Chemical reactions
6 Standard quantity symbols and their units

Part Two Mechanical Engineering and Physical Science
7 Speed and velocity
8 Acceleration
9 Force, mass and acceleration
10 Centre of gravity and equilibrium
11 Forces acting at a point
12 Simply supported beams
13 Shearing force and bending moments
14 Bending stress
15 Linear and angular motion
16 Friction
17 Waves
18 Interference and diffraction
19 Light rays
20 Work, energy and power
21 Potential and kinetic energy
22 Simple machines
23 The effects of forces on materials
24 Tensile testing
25 Hardness and impact tests
26 Measurement of strain
27 Linear momentum and impulse
28 Torque
29 Heat energy
30 Thermal expansion
31 The measurement of temperature
32 Pressure in fluids
33 Measurement of pressure
34 Ideal gas laws
35 Properties of water and steam
36 Surface tension and viscosity
37 Fluids in motion
38 Measurement of fluid flow
39 Simple harmonic motion and natural vibrations

Part Three Electrical Engineering Science
40 An introduction to electric circuits
41 Resistance variation
42 Chemical effects of electricity
43 Series and parallel networks
44 Capacitors and capacitance
45 Magnetic circuits
46 Magnetic materials
47 Electromagnetism
48 Electromagnetic induction and inductance
49 Magnetically coupled circuits
50 Electrical measuring instruments and measurements
51 Semiconductor diodes
52 Transistors
53 D.c. circuit theory
54 Alternating voltages and currents
55 Single-phase series a.c. circuits
56 Single-phase parallel a.c. circuits
57 D.c. transients
58 Operational amplifiers
59 Three-phase systems
60 Transformers
61 D.c. machines
62 A.c. motors
63 Revision of complex numbers
64 Application of complex numbers to series a.c. circuits
65 Application of complex numbers to parallel a.c. networks
66 Power in a.c. circuits and power factor improvement
67 A.c. bridges
68 Series resonance and Q-factor
69 Parallel resonance and Q-factor
70 Introduction to network analysis
71 Mesh-current and nodal analysis
72 The superposition theorem
73 Th´evenin’s and Norton’s theorems
74 Delta-star and star-delta transformations
75 Maximum power transfer theorems and impedance matching
76 Complex waveforms
77 A numerical method of harmonic analysis
78 Dielectrics and dielectric loss
79 Field theory
80 Attenuators
81 Filter networks
82 Modulation
83 Transmission lines


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